1. Where do I email my Photo print?
          – If collecting ONLY in Clane, email:
        2. What is the Sheet size?
          – 6.5” wide by 10.5” in length;
        3. What size can the photo be processed?
          – 6.5” square or circle;
          – 6.5” x 10.5” rectangular – depending on the actual picture/image (please email to above regarding different sizes than stated);
        4. What size can you do for toppers?
          – 2” x 15
          – 1.5” x 24
          – 1” x 60
        5. What should I save my photo file as?
          – Image should be in jpeg or pdf format. No size bigger than 6.5 wide by 10.5 wide. Cannot be in document or ODT format.
        6. How much notice is required?
          – Clane require 24 hours notice for prints, however if looking to have it delivered an extra 24 hours required;

Clear directions required when ordering;
> We can post icing sheets, cost is €5.75;
> Free over €50.00 being spent;
> Payment can be made at present by credit/debit card phoning Clane on 045-893890;
> Clane only posts out items;


Thank you,

Let’s Shop: Photocake & Edible Images

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